You will attend an afternoon of non-assessed, interactive activities where you’ll be given further insight into Shell’s global businesses.

The next day features a series of assessed individual and group exercises. It is designed to give you a realistic preview of the activities, in which Shell is involved, and the range and nature of issues facing our business.

The day includes an online and written exercise, a group discussion, a self-reflection interview, a case study that includes a presentation, and a final interview.


What we are looking for

We will be observing your capacity for analysis, decision-making and creating workable solutions.

Other qualities we’re looking for are drive and enthusiasm, resilience and confidence. Equally important is your ability to develop positive relationships and communicate well at all levels.

Based upon the talents, skills and knowledge you display, you could be offered a place on our Graduate Program.

Follow the step-by-step application process

Step 1 - Online application

  • Create an account, or login via an existing account
  • Next, search for available opportunities by selecting the region and country of your work location*
  • Apply and upload the latest version of your CV/résumé
  • Before submitting your application, you will be asked to complete an online questionnaire

* When searching for opportunities please check that you are eligible to work in the chosen country/location.

Step 2 - Online assessment

If successful during the application stage, you will receive an e-mail notification with instructions on how to complete the online assessment. There are two parts to the online assessment.

* NOTE: Each part must be completed and submitted within 7 working days before the links within the e-mails you receive expire.

Part 1: A series of competency-based questions

These will take approximately 20 minutes to complete and will not be timed.  Once completed, you’ll receive an e-mail notification with the outcome.

* NOTE: If you pass Part 1 of the online assessment, you will receive an additional e-mail to notify that you have successfully completed Part 1.  You will then receive a link to begin Part 2 of the online assessment.

Part 2: Consists of two tasks:

  • A decision-making
  • A problem-solving

You will need to complete both tasks.

* NOTE: The decision-making task is not timed, but the problem-solving task is timed and you will have 18 minutes to complete it.

The decision-making task assesses how you respond to common situations that Shell graduates may face, and the problem-solving task assesses your capacity for solving numerical reasoning problems.

In total, Part 2 of the online assessment should take approximately 45 minutes to complete.  

 Step 3 - An interview

Once you have successfully completed Part 2 of the online assessment, we will review the results before contacting you to discuss a potential interview.

The interview will take place either face-to-face or over the telephone. This is an opportunity for you to tell us more about your motivations for applying, your achievements, the challenges you've faced and how you've demonstrated the qualities we're looking for.

If you successfully pass your interview and there is as suitable role available, you will be asked to attend a Shell Recruitment Day.

Step 4 - Shell Recruitment Day

Following success in the first-stage interview, you may attend an afternoon of non-assessed, interactive activities where you’ll be given further insights into our global businesses.

The next day you will complete a range of assessed exercises which include an online simulation exercise, a written task, group discussion, self-reflection interview, presentation-based case study and final interview.

Step 5 - An offer

The Shell Recruitment Day concludes your assessment. Upon completion, we’ll be in touch to let you know the final outcome for suitable places on our Graduate Program.

*NOTE: During the application and assessment process you will be assessed on the following criteria [CAR]:

  • Capacity - How well you absorb information, analyse problems, make fact-based decisions, and propose innovative solutions.
  • Achievement - How well you get things done (your drive, resilience, self-confidence, and organizational skills).
  • Relationships - How well you work in teams, communicate, and respect others.

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