We still have a few Internship opportunities open, please submit your application before February 28, 2017.

An Assessed Internship is one way to get to know Shell from the inside and immerse yourself in our industry. It will also help you decide if your potential career choice is right for you. You’ll get to be part of a collaborative team, working on actual projects, selected to match your interests and abilities.

You’ll join a project team and work alongside Shell employees, all professionals in their fields. Their perspectives will contribute to your understanding of our business, and its demands and rewards.

You’ll participate in regular assessments throughout your internship to ensure you get the most from the experience. Both a supervisor and mentor will support you and provide constructive feedback on your performance.

What we look for:

You’ll be evaluated on your capacity for analysis, decision making and creating workable solutions, as well as your drive, enthusiasm, resilience and confidence.

Your performance throughout your internship will be evaluated by a number of people – your supervisor, mentor and business or trained Graduate Assessors. The type of assessment process will depend on whether you are an Assessed Penultimate Intern or a Non-Assessed Earlier Year Intern.

Assessed Penultimate Intern – Upon completion of the internship, students with less than 12 months from graduation will be evaluated for full-time employment.

Non-Assessed Earlier Year Intern – Upon completion of the internship, students with more than 12 months from graduation will be evaluated for a return internship.

As part of an Assessed Internship, you’ll have a formal mid-term review with your mentor and supervisor. For Penultimate Interns, at the end or your internship, you'll be asked to complete an online simulation exercise and written task as part of a final review.

A successful Assessed Internship could lead to a place on the Shell Graduate Program.

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Application process

There are five steps to a bright career on our Shell Graduate Program, via our Assessed Internship route.

Step 1 - Search and apply

Search for internship opportunities (above), apply, and upload your resume.

Please check that you are eligible to work in the chosen country/location before applying for a specific role.

Step 2 - Take part in an online assessment

If successful during the application stage, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the online assessment. There are two parts to the online assessment. Each part must be completed and submitted within 7 working days.

Take the online assessment practice tests:  Practice test 1 and Practice test 2.

Part 1: Competency-based questions

After completing the competency assessment, you’ll receive an email with the outcome. If you successfully pass Part 1 of the online assessment you will receive an email that includes a link to begin Part 2 of the online assessment.

Part 2: Decision-making and Problem-solving tasks.

You must complete both tasks. The decision-making task is not timed, but the problem-solving task is timed. The decision-making task assesses how you respond to common situations that Shell graduates may face, and the problem-solving task assesses your capacity for solving numerical reasoning problems.

Once you have submitted Part 2 of the online assessment we will review the results before contacting you to discuss a potential interview.

Step 3 - Interview

If you are successful in the online assessments, you’ll proceed to the interview stage where we will either talk with you over the phone or meet you face-to-face.

Step 4 - Assessed Internship

Passing the interview could see you moving on to the next step, an Assessed Internship. You'll have a mentor and supervisor who'll guide you through the process helping you get a clear sense of what it's like to work for our global company. Half way through your internship you'll have a mid-term review followed by a range of exercises that include an online simulation exercise and written task. Close to the end of your internship, you'll make a presentation based on your current project, and participate in a final review.

Step 5 - Offer

Successful candidates will be considered for roles in our Graduate Program if suitable opportunities are available. If the overall evaluation of your internship meets our minimum employment standards:

(Penultimate Only)

And we identify a suitable place in our Graduate Program; you will be contacted regarding formal employment.

(Earlier Year Only)

You may be considered for a returning internship.

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