Operations and Maintenance jobs at Shell are essential to the ongoing successes of the company.

In one of our Operations and Maintenance roles, you will be part of a growing team that is tasked with the safe and efficient day-to-day operation of our global projects and assets. Working in our oil refineries, our petrochemical plants, onshore and offshore production fields, and other operations, a career in Operations and Maintenance at Shell is one right at the front line of the company’s activities.

We are looking for highly ambitious and safety-conscious candidates who can fill positions such as:

  • Process and Control Room Operators
  • Field Operators
  • Offshore Operators
  • Instrumentation Technicians
  • Mechanics
  • Millwrights
  • Machinists
  • Electricians
  • Pipefitters
  • Welders

In an Operations and Maintenance career, you will have the opportunity to progress in an environment that encourages both personal and professional development, and be part of some of the most ground-breaking projects anywhere in the industry.

Shell is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages applications from all qualified individuals. We’re looking for people with a strong safety focus and technical aptitude, as well as a strong work ethic, adaptability and communication skills. You must be legally entitled to work in United States; be willing to support Shell’s drug-free, harassment-free, and diverse work environment; be willing to work the schedule for your assigned work location and, for safety-sensitive roles, must be physically fit to meet occupational requirements. Additional details for specific roles can be viewed in job postings.

Work locations in United States


Application & Testing Process

A guide to facilitate the application process for operations/technician and maintenance crafts positions at Shell.

Job search

The first step towards joining Shell as an Operations or Skilled Craft professional is to look through our current job vacancies. Please use our Job Search engine to begin.


Once you find a vacancy that interests you, you can apply using the online application form. Within 48 hours, you should receive confirmation that we’ve received your completed application.

Please note that Shell (nor any of the organizations that recruit on our behalf) never ask for any money or payments from applicants, at any point in the recruitment process. All individuals who are successful in gaining an offer of employment from Shell, whether directly or indirectly, are always required to go through a formal recruitment process.


For some vacancies, we conduct pre-employment assessments to identify job-specific behaviors required for our positions. Candidates who are selected for these assessments will be notified via e-mail and sent an Online Assessment (OLA) link. Some candidates may then be invited to a proctored, skill-based assessment after having passed the OLA. Candidates who are selected for the skill-based assessment will be notified via email and sent an invitation to self-schedule an appointment.

Please note that if you have successfully completed our test battery in the past 5 years, you are not required to re-test; we will have your successful scores on file. If you have been unsuccessful, you will not be permitted to take the assessment within 4 months of your last assessment date.

Final assessment

Those candidates most closely meeting the hiring requirements will be contacted to schedule an interview. If you are selected, you will be sent an e-mail requesting you to register yourself for the interview time that works best for you. Those who are not selected will also be sent an e-mail notification. The interview is behavioural based and may also include a technical component

Interviewing preparation and tips:

Do your homework (research Shell and gain familiarity with Shell’s operations, sites and values; also read and understand the requirements of the job and how your experience, skills and strengths relate to the role you are applying for)

Be prepared for a behavioral interview. Shell uses the STARR assessment method described below. Think of situations and be prepared to discuss examples touching on the following points:

  • Situation – What was the context? Describe the situation.
  • Task – What was needed? What were the objectives?
  • Action – What did you do? What difficulties did you encounter?
  • Relationships – Who else was involved? How did you motivate them?
  • Results – What was the outcome? What did you learn?

We'll endeavour to notify you of the outcome of the Final assessment within a few days of the event.

Please note that all the timelines described above are average times for each step in the process. However during periods of high applications, each step can take longer.

Online Assessment Study Guide

Internship Program

What is the Operations Technical Internship Program about?

The internship program will begin with an intensive orientation and training session at Shell’s Robert Training Center in Robert, Louisiana. During this orientation and training session, you will receive training in the following areas:

  • Computer Systems Usage
  • Health Safety and Environmental
  • Process Skills Certifications
  • Team Building

Production Operations

Following the completion of the orientation and training session, you will be assigned to your internship work location. During the FIRST hitch of your internship, you will be EXPOSED TO the following:

  • Offshore safety orientation
  • Operations overview
  • Produced water sampling
  • Observing and recording vessel pressures and levels
  • Putting a well in test
  • Running Norman samples
  • Performing a BBSP Observation
  • Participating in an emergency drill
  • Work with skilled workers to perform preventative maintenance

During the SECOND hitch of your internship, you will PARTICIPATE IN some of the following under supervision:

  • Safety presentations
  • Observe an Emergency Drill from the ICS Center
  • Launch a pig
  • Check a chemical injection pump rate
  • Transfer chemicals
  • Fill out a Notification in SAP
  • Facilitate a team meeting
  • Work with skilled craft workers to perform preventative maintenance
  • Facilitate a morning community meeting
  • Make safety presentations
  • Observe an Emergency Drill from the ICS Center
  • Check a chemical injection pump rate
  • Transfer chemicals
  • Fill out a Notification in SAP
  • Facilitate a team meeting
  • Work with skilled craft workers to perform preventative maintenance

At any time during your internship, you may perform/participate in the following as scheduling permits:

  • Wash out/clean a skidpan
  • Ride in a Personnel Basket or Work Basket
  • Participate in Lock-out/Tag-out procedure
  • Participate in a Monthly Capsule Inspection
  • Participate in a Monthly Crane Inspection

Can I Participate?

To be eligible, candidates must have completed at least the first year of an Associate degree or two years of a BA/BS degree in one of the academic degree programs listed below, and should not have graduated more than two years prior to beginning the Internship. Additionally, candidates must have a current GPA of 2.5 or higher.

  • Electrical/Electronics Technology (Electrical, Electronics, Mechatronics, etc.);
  • Instrumentation Technology
  • Mechanical (Compressor Technology, Diesel Maintenance, Industrial Maintenance, Industrial Technology)
  • Petroleum Technology
  • Process/Production Technology (Oil & Gas Technology, Process Technology, Production Technology, Integrated Production Technology, etc.)

Selection Process

You will receive email confirmation of your application once it is submitted. Please note, written communications are sent to the email address provided with your application.

Once your application is received, your qualifications will be assessed, and you will receive an application status email. If you are eligible for further consideration, the next step in the selection process is the Testing Phase. You will receive detailed instructions regarding the testing process, test locations and the test schedule. Candidates who have already met Shell’s minimum score requirement will not be required to re-take the test.

At the completion of the Testing Phase, candidates who meet the minimum test score requirement will be assessed and those who most closely meet Shell’s hiring criteria will be forwarded to the Operations Hiring Team for review.

The Operations Hiring Team will select and contact candidates most closely meeting the hiring criteria for an interview. Shell conducts telephone interviews. Upon completion of the interviews, those candidates most closely meeting the hiring criteria will receive a “Conditional Internship Offer.” Those candidates who are not selected will be notified.

Candidates selected to receive a "Conditional Internship Offer" will receive an offer package and detailed instructions on the steps required to be completed. You should focus your efforts on completing all requirements as quickly as possible. Candidates who do not successfully complete all of the required background, medical and reference checks prior to the start of the internship may not be permitted to begin the internship.

We wish you much success and thank you for your interest in Shell.

Military Veterans

Translate your valuable skills learned in the military into a successful civilian career with Shell.

Diversity and inclusion

Today’s talent is more diverse than ever before. Having an inclusive work environment is key to engaging, developing and retaining that talent.

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