Eastern Pipeline Corridor

Shell Coastal and Offshore Crude Oil Pipeline Network
Shell Coastal and Offshore Crude Oil Pipeline Network

Located southeast of New Orleans is the Delta sweet crude pipeline system. Current throughput capacity is approximately 300,000 bbl/day.


  • 100% owned 12- and 20-inch pipeline system originating at Main Pass 69
  • Gathers from Pipelines: Odyssey, BUD, Pompano, Ram-Powell, SP60 pipeline, Southwest Pass, and MPOG pipeline
  • Gathers from Producers in: Main Pass, Viosca Knoll, South Pass, Breton Sound, Mississippi Canyon
  • Delivers to Terminals: Empire and Houma
  • Refineries: Motiva Norco and Phillips66 Alliance
  • Central Pipeline Corridor
  • Located south of New Orleans are the joint-interest sour crude Amberjack and Mars pipeline systems. Current capacity of the wishbone-configured Mars pipeline system exceeds 600,000 bbl/day.

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Central Pipeline Corridor

Shell Coastal and Offshore Crude Oil Pipeline Network
Shell Coastal and Offshore Crude Oil Pipeline Network


  • Joint-interest 20 and 24-inch pipeline originating in the Green Canyon area with capacities up to 350,000 bbl/day.
  • Gathers from Pipelines: Brutus, Ceasar and Seajack
  • Gathers from Producers in: Green Canyon, Ewing Bank, Ship Shoal, South Timbalier and Grand Isle
  • Delivers to Pipelines: Boxer, Jackalope, Poseidon, Mars pipeline at Fourchon
  • Delivers to Terminals: Chevron’s Fourchon Terminal and 20-inch pipeline and LOOP Clovelly Terminal*


  • Joint-interest 18/24-inch pipeline originating in the Mississippi Canyon area with capacities up to 600,000 bbl/day.
  • Gathers from Pipelines: Ursa, Medusa, and Amberjack
  • Gathers from Producers in: Mississippi Canyon
  • Delivers to Pipelines: Clovelly to Houma, Clovelly to Norco, LOCAP, and Chevron’s Fourchon to Empire pipeline
  • Delivers to Terminals: Chevron's Fourchon Terminal and LOOP Clovelly Terminal*

* LOOP Storage Cavern: In conjunction with the Mars pipeline, a 8-million-barrel dedicated-storage cavern has been constructed at the LOOP Clovelly Terminal. This cavern and its interconnection to other LOOP facilities provide the most flexible market link in the overall Gulf network. Virtually any significant Louisiana or Midwest crude market can be accessed from LOOP via four major inland pipelines.

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Western Pipeline Corridor

Shell Coastal and Offshore Crude Oil Pipeline Network
Shell Coastal and Offshore Crude Oil Pipeline Network

Located southwest of New Orleans are the joint-interest sweet and sour crude Ship Shoal and joint-interest sour crude Eugene Island and Poseidon pipeline systems.

Eugene Island

  • 20-inch pipeline to Caillou Island with a 16-inch pipeline to Houma Terminal. Current capacity exceeds 170,000 bbl/day
  • Gathers from Pipelines: Boxer, Jolliet, Amberjack, and Genisis’ South Marsh Island Gathering
  • Gathers from Producers in: South Marsh Island, Vermilion, Eugene Island, Ship Shoal, South Timbalier and Green Canyon
  • Delivers to Terminals: Shell Pipeline’s Houma Terminal

Ship Shoal

  • 22-inch sour and 16-inch sweet crude pipelines to Gibson Terminal with a 20-inch looped pipeline (batched) to St. James Terminal. Current capacity exceeds 390,000 bbl/day
  • Gathers from Pipelines: Tarpon/Central Gulf Gathering, Auger, Whitecap/Cougar, and Plains
  • Receipts from Terminals: SOPUS Gibson Terminal
  • Delivers to Terminals: St. James Capline, ExxonMobil, Sugarland, Nustar, and Plains
  • Delivers to Pipelines: Red Stick


  • 14”/16”/20” inch sour crude pipelines delivering to the Ship Shoal system. Current capacity is 200,000 bbl/day
  • Gathers from Pipelines: Poseidon
  • Gathers from Producers in: Eugene Island and Garden Banks
  • Delivers to Pipelines: Ship Shoal system

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