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Post-Tropical Storm Sandy Update #2

Status of Motiva terminals: Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

October 30, 2012 2:05:37 PM CDT

In cooperation with local agencies, Motiva is conducting a thorough inspection and damage assessment of its petroleum terminals that were situated in the path of Hurricane Sandy. Employees are being accounted for, and no storm related injuries have been reported. The outcome of these assessments will determine the timeline for a return to operations.

Our terminals in New Jersey and New York have experienced flooding due to the storm surge as well as loss of power and wind impacts. 

At Sewaren, NJ, initial reports indicate that at least two diesel storage tanks were damaged and an unknown quantity of product was released. At this time no further product is being released. No injuries occurred and emergency responders are onsite assessing the situation. Booms have been deployed in the Woodbridge creek adjacent to the site to skim released product. All applicable regulatory notifications have been made. 

The status of our terminals in the impacted region are as follows: 

  • Baltimore, MD - re-opened with reduced operations 
  • Fairfax and Richmond, VA – re-opened and fully operational 
  • Providence, RI – re-opened with reduced operations 
  • New Haven and Bridgeport, CT – working to restore power
  • Sewaren and Newark, NJ; Brooklyn and Long Island, NY – no restart date established

During this period our top priority is the safety of our personnel and the community and to minimize impacts on the environment and to our customers.

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