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Post-Tropical Storm Sandy Update #10

The following is a community fact sheet on the impact and recovery efforts at the Motiva Sewaren terminal.

November 5, 2012 7:39:08 PM CST

As of 8:00 a.m. Central, the status of the Shell-branded network in the most heavily impacted areas is estimated as follows: 99% open in Connecticut, 81% open in New Jersey, 86% open in New York and 95% open in Pennsylvania. We are coordinating with FEMA and the Department of Energy to continue to deploy generators to wholesalers of independent Shell-branded locations where needed.

While we have established alternative supply points for our wholesalers and they are making fuel deliveries to Shell-branded stations as quickly as possible, current demand for fuel continues to exceed supply capabilities in the market. As a result, consumers may continue to experience sporadic availability at the site level though we expect to see marked improvement throughout the coming week.

We continue to work around-the-clock to safely restore our affected terminals to help re-establish a steady supply of fuel to market. We anticipate that gasoline and distillate racks at Motiva terminals in Newark and Sewaren, NJ will open by mid to late week. Safety inspections and damage assessments continue at Motiva terminals in Brooklyn and Long Island, NY, where a timeline for a return to operations has yet to be established.

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