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The Keys to Canadian-American Leadership in the Global Energy Challenge

Speech by Marvin Odum, Director, Upstream Americas, at the Canadian American Business Council Spring

Marvin Odum

Much of the foreseeable growth in energy demand will come from Asia.  Roughly half of the demand increase will come from China and India.  Southeast Asia, traditionally an energy exporting region, also expects to double its energy demand in that time horizon.  And by 2030 Chinese demand could be more than one-and-a-half times as high as the next-largest energy consumer – the United States. Important especially for Canadian and American leaders – is China’s focus on natural gas, a cleaner option to almost any other energy source available at scale today.  

China has said it will more than double natural gas as a percentage share of its primary energy use by 2015.  It could triple by 2020.  Shell sees China driving 50 percent of the world’s growth in natural gas demand over that same period of time.  LNG exports to Asia can open a market for North America – and especially Canada – worth billions of dollars.  It could sustain investments, jobs and provide long-term income through royalties and taxes in North America, while helping China and the rest of emerging Asia secure a lower-carbon energy future.

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