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Marvin Odum Speaks at Harvard

Marvin Odum brought optimism to Harvard students and faculty on the complex energy challenges ahead.

Finding a secure, safe and reliable source of energy to power world economic growth is one of the great challenges of this century. On April 27, President of Shell Oil Company Marvin Odum, joined with the Harvard community to take up this challenge. Participating in the ongoing Future of Energy Speaker Series to discuss a plethora of energy topics, Odum addressed the future from a Shell perspective, stating:

“The leading question on the future of energy is: How do we transition the economy to lower energy intensity, capturing all of the efficiency that goes with that, and changing the energy system from high-carbon to low-carbon emissions... Until there is some significant breakthrough, what will fill that gap? Fossil fuels still seem to be an item that’s going to be needed and our challenge is how to do that in the lowest impact way possible.”

Odum spoke in depth about the challenges and possibilities of a new energy future and concluded his lecture to Harvard with an engaging and informative 30 minute Q&A session. The entire video is available on Harvard’s “Future of Energy” page. The Future of Energy, an initiative developed through the Harvard University Center for the Environment, is founded on the premise that the complex challenges we face in the areas of energy and climate require coordinated and multidisciplinary responses.

Additionally, through Shell’s support of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, the new Consortium for Energy Policy Research online library is now available for use.