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Supplemental Open Season on the Ho-Ho Reversal Completed

Shell Pipeline is pleased to announce a successful supplemental Open Season period for additional firm capacity on the fully reversed Houma-to-Houston pipeline system (“Ho-Ho Reversal”).

Based on the supplemental commitments, Shell Pipeline is proceeding with next steps to expand capacity via the installation of additional pumping capabilities by early 2014. This phase (Phase 3) will bring the ultimate capacity from Houston origins to approximately 250k bbls per day, depending upon crude types shipped.

The initial phase of the Ho-Ho reversal was completed in January 2013 to deliver crude oil from connecting pipelines and terminals in East Houston to the Nederland / Port Arthur area. The next phase (“Phase 2”) of the project is progressing on schedule.  Phase 2 will enable crude originating in the Texas markets to reach Louisiana markets. The fully reversed service will be operational by end of 2013 when Ho-Ho will officially be renamed as the “Houston to Houma” pipeline system.

About Shell Pipeline Company LP

For more than 80 years, Shell Pipeline Company LP has helped meet America’s energy needs. We transport more than 2 billion barrels of crude oil and refined products annually through thousands of miles of pipelines located in seven states.

We carry more than 50 different kinds of crude oil and more than 20 different grades of gasoline, as well as diesel fuel, jet fuel, chemicals, ethylene and natural gas liquids – products that are fundamental to the American way of life.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell Oil Products US, a unit of Shell Oil Company, we’re part of one of the world’s leading energy companies, which has been a prominent participant in America’s energy industry for a century. With our integrated network of trunk lines, distribution systems, interconnects and terminals, we operate safely, efficiently and dependably – key factors in keeping the commodities we carry more affordable for the people who count on them.

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For more than 80 years, Shell Pipeline Company LP has helped meet America’s energy needs.