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The Importance of Safe Digging

As National Safe Digging Month efforts continue around the No. 22 Shell-Pennzoil team, it’s important to remember correct digging procedures.
National Digging Month

AJ Allmendinger will run 811 logos on the No. 22 Shell-Pennzoil Dodge during this Saturday’s race at Texas Motor Speedway, as part of continued efforts by Shell, Penske and the Common Ground Alliance around National Safe Digging Month.

As people are planning outdoor projects, they don’t always consider the elaborate infrastructure beneath the surface. When somebody starts a digging project without calling 811, they run the risk of damaging pipelines, which may cause serious injury or harm to those in close proximity. Additionally, it may knock out power or gas to an entire neighborhood. An individual can be held financially responsible for repairs if they don’t call 811 and damage a pipeline while digging.

A quick and easy call to 811 will connect you with a local One Call Center operator who will record information about your dig location and notify the underground facility operators so they can mark the approximate location of underground utilities and pipelines.  Once the lines are marked, you can begin to dig, but always dig with care.


We operate our assets responsibly and are dedicated to protecting the health, safety and environment of the communities in which we operate.