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The Shell portfolio includes about 3.5 million acres of mineral rights with the potential to yield 40 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, the energy equivalent of more than 7 billion barrels of oil.

Areas where Shell now has onshore natural gas operations in North America include:


  • Montney Shale/Silt. This area is located in North East British Columbia and consists of shale/tight silts gas formations. 
  • Deep Basin Tight Gas. This area is located in West Central Alberta and straddles the provincial boundary into North East British Columbia.  It consists of several tight gas sands trapped in a basin-centered gas system.
  • Foothills Assets.  The Waterton, Jumping Pound, Burnt Timber and Caroline fields of Alberta are sour gas assets that have been producing for more than 60 years.

United States

  • Pinedale Anticline, Green River Basin - This area south of Pinedale, Wyoming, consists of about 200,000 acres of “tight sands” formation. 
  • Marcellus Shale - This huge Appalachian basin featuring tight shale gas extends into several states, including Pennsylvania.
Assett map for Onshore Natural Gas

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