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Brian - "Making Sure It's Clean"


She and her husband Mark are among co-founders of the Anacortes Youth Sports Coalition, a non-profit group that provides critical funding for a variety of youth team activities. Like her work as a volunteer, Sandra takes her responsibilities at the refinery seriously. "We test effluent water each day before it goes into the bay," she said, adding that those in the lab "are like a little family. We make sure we meet permit requirements."

Steve - "A Wrench In His Hand"

Steve -

Sometimes it’s obvious at an early age what a boy will grow up to become. Take Steve for instance. He’s a Machinist for the refinery, a man who helps keep acres of complex equipment running in top form.  

"I was always the kind of kid who was curious about how things worked," he says. "Now I get to work on machinery, and get paid, besides. It’s a great job for a nuts-and- bolts guy like me." Steve can’t seem to put down the wrench when he goes home, either. In his spare time he fiddles with an antique tractor and a race car. He even won a main event the first year he raced! (The car, not the tractor.)

Becky - "Teamwork makes it all worthwhile."

Becky -

A glance at the ribbons, photographs and posters covering Becky's office wall tells you she has the competitive spirit of a successful athlete. Take a closer look, and you see evidence of what is in her heart a passion for contributing to the lives of her friends and neighbors. Becky is a member of the Information Technology Department at Shell's Puget Sound Refinery.

Among her favorite pastimes outside of work is participation in the annual Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 150. The MS 150 is a 150-mile bicycle ride established to raise money for MS research. "Many people with MS participate as support staff in the event," said Becky. "Working with them and experiencing the support they give makes it all worthwhile."