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Norco Stairs
About Norco Shell Chemicals' Norco facility is located in St. Charles Parish. The facility has over 600 full-time employees, more than 160 contractors, and generates an annual payroll of $50 million. The company pays more than $16 million in state and local taxes and $6M is property taxes that help fund public education as well as police and fire departments.

In 2005, Shell spent over 26 million by purchasing goods and services from local vendors and businesses. Shell maintains an employment pledge to St. Charles Parish, with a priority to hiring qualified individuals and contractors from within the region and across Louisiana.

Location and Ownership

Location: Norco, St. Charles, Louisiana, USA
Nearest Large City: New Orleans

Chemicals: 100% Shell

Site Details

Shell Chemicals Norco is one of the largest employers in St. Charles Parish. The Norco Community grew up around the facility. Shell Chemicals Norco is actively involved in area schools, the community and emergency response activities. It is the third largest tax payer in the parish with close to million per year in property taxes.

Size (hectares): 405
Size (acres): 1000
Investments: 53 million (Net Book Value)
Adjoining sites:

Motiva Refinery (integrated into site),

Valero Refinery, Hexion, Dow.

Principal activities:

Production of lower olefins (ethylene and propylene), aromatic feedstocks, olefin feedstocks,


1916 Site purchased for the New Orleans Refining Company
1920 First unit began operations
1929 Shell purchased Norco
1955 West Site chemical plant was built
1967 OP-1 start up
1976 GO-1 start up
1981 OL-5 start up
1983 OP-1 shut down
1995 Norco Manufacturing Complex splits into Chemical and Refining businesses; purchased St. Rose
2000 Restart OP-1 and integrated it with GO-1 and OL-5
2005 MEK unit shutdown on West Site, subsequent divestiture; Bargaining Units merged

ISO Certification

ISO Certifications achieved for lower olefins (1993), butadiene, MEK (1995) and High Purity Resins (1996)
Environmental Management System (2003)


Governor's Lantern Award, Distinguished Partner Award, NPRA (National Petrochemical and Refiners Association) Safety Awards, Governor's Awards for Environmental Excellence, Civic Star Award, US EPA National Partnership for Environmental Priorities Achievement

Main Products Manufactured and/or Stored





Aromatic feedstock

Secondary butyl alcohol

Olefin cracker feedstocks


Butadiene, butylenes

Secondary butyl alcohol

Olefin feedstocks

Health, Safety and Environment Information
  • Numerous awards relating to Health, Safety and Environment performance, including NPRA Safety Awards and Governor's Awards for Environmental Excellence
  • Participation in Louisiana Chemical Association Safe Program
Plant Capacities


(million lbs/yr; kt/yr)

BD-5 (Butadiene Plant no. 5)  613.2 
GHT 3272.9
(based on process rate)  
GO-1 (Gas Olefins Plant no.1) 1408.8 
OL-5 (Liquid Olefins Cracker no.5) 1954.4 
St. Rose (Olefin Plant Prep. Unit) 


(based on high value product) 

For more information about the Shell Chemical Norco facility, or if you have any concerns that your would like to share with us, please contact us.

Shell Chemical LP
15536 River Road
Louisiana 70079

Postal Address: Shell Chemical LP
P O Box 10
Louisiana 70079

General Manager: Don Weaver
Telephone: +1 504 465 7342
Site Supervisor, 24 hours per day
Fax Number: +1 504 465 6310

Emergency Telephone: +1 504 465 7342
Site Supervisor

Telephone: +1 504 465 7111
Public Access Telephone