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Checking pipes

Motor Gasoline - By far the Refinery's principal product, motor gasoline consumes more than half of the Refinery's diet of crude oil. Almost all of this gasoline is sold in California to power millions of cars, trucks, and motorcycles with cleaner-burning reformulated gasoline meeting the state's stringent regulatory requirements.

Jet Turbine Fuel - Used by military, commercial and private aircraft alike, and accounts for the second largest share of SMR's daily production. Most is sold in the San Francisco Bay Area, where Shell Oil Products US is a leading supplier of fuel to the major airlines.

Diesel - This basic fuel is used commercially in California by trucks, buses, boats, farm equipment, train engines, and cars.

Petroleum Coke - A solid and virtually pure carbon substance that resembles coal. It is sold as a fuel for utilities and industry.

Residual Fuel Oils - Thick, heavy liquid fuels. The primary use is as "bunker" fuel sold to fuel large ships; another use is fuel for industrial and utility boilers.

Propane - A liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). As "bottled gas," LPG has dozens of uses, such as in recreational vehicles and farm equipment, and in rural homes for stoves, water heaters, and furnaces.

Sulfur - Extracted from crude oil during the refining process, and sold to customers who make fertilizers and acids.

Whatever they are - whether solids, liquids or gases - SMR products meet society's energy and mobility needs.

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