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Root Cause Analysis Available

Back in August, you may recall that we had a propane odor and a small fire at the refinery. While both of these issues were quickly addressed, incidents of any size are always something we take seriously. With that in mind, I wanted to share with you that a root cause analysis has now been completed on both issues and submitted to Contra Costa County.

It is available to the public by clicking http://cchealth.org/groups/hazmat/.

In both cases, you will see where we have concrete steps we are taking to prevent similar incidents in the future.

We are very grateful to each person who invested their time to serve on these analysis teams.  We also deeply appreciate our outstanding emergency responders who did a terrific job in both cases to safeguard our people and the community while preventing larger issues.

Thanks also to you for putting your trust in us to be able to run this facility in a way that honors our neighbors.  In cases where we fall short of that goal, it is something that deeply affects us, and we are committed to being a valued member of the community in how we operate every day.

-      Steve

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Shell Martinez Refinery

Located in Martinez, CA, our company refines and markets gasoline and other petroleum products under the Shell brand name throughout the west and northern mid-west, providing product to Shell branded retail outlets.

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