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Participation, Protection, Enhancement

White River

Shell continues to set the standard high for stakeholder participation, environmental protection and community enhancement throughout our shale oil recovery research.  We are working to foster community development, focus on environmental responsibility and enhance local educational resources.

Throughout our research, we want to ensure that we keep community members informed while receiving their input. Shell has held community briefings and one-on-one meetings with a variety of groups and individuals over the years to keep them updated on the status of our project and to gather their feedback.

Shell remains part of this community and is committed to maintaining northwest Colorado's quality of life.

An Active Member of the Community

As an active member of the community, Shell takes great interest in the environment, education/workforce development and communities where it operates. If you have a donation request that meets our guidelines, please complete and submit an online application. Electronic submittals are preferred.  If desired, supporting documentation may be sent to:

Shell Exploration & Production Company
Mahogany Research Project
Attn: Mahogany Social Investment Requests
4582 S. Ulster Street, Suite 1400
Denver, Co 80237

  • Your application will be reviewed and a representative from Shell will contact you.
  • Please allow approximately 4-6 weeks for review.
  • Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis.
  • If approved, organizations will be required to provide a receipt of business or charitable contribution within 60 days.
  • Major funding requests may require additional time for evaluation.

Positive Impact

Globally, Shell places great importance on having a positive impact in the regions in which we operate, fostering relationships with communities, taking care to be a good neighbor and contributing to sustainable development. Locally, Shell is working with communities by investing in education, job creation, environmental protection, and other ways to positively influence their way of life.

The Mahogany Research Project will consider donation requests that are within our guidelines and support the following focus areas:

  • Lifestyle and social development – Shell works to foster and enhance community development and rural lifestyle.
  • Environmental conservation – Shell focuses on environmental protection and habitat improvement.
  • Education and workforce development – Shell supports the development of education resources to build a local workforce.

Eligibility Guidelines

  1. The organization should be located in or serve the regions in which we operate - Rio Blanco and Garfield counties.
  2. Shell prefers to support specific projects. In general, requests for operating and construction costs will not be supported.
  3. Application should be submitted using the attached form. If feasible, electronic submittals are preferred.
  4. The organization should be in sound fiscal condition.

All requests meeting the guidelines will be considered; unfortunately not all requests can be funded.


  • Donations will not be approved for the following:
  • Organizations outside the region in which we operate, unless the request provides a direct benefit to the area(s).
  • Religious organizations.
  • Political organizations or campaigns.
  • Non-educational, extra-curricular youth activities
  • Individuals

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Request for a Grant from Shell

Shell makes monetary grants to nonprofit organizations within the U.S. Priority consideration will be given to organizations in or near communities where Shell Oil Company or its affiliates in the United States have a major presence.