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Deep Water Mars B platform with rainbow

The Mars B project will add new infrastructure to develop the Mars field and nearby exploration discoveries: the Olympus tension leg platform (TLP), with 24 well slots and a self-contained drilling rig; the West Boreas/South Deimos subsea system; and an oil and gas export system, including a WD-143C shallow-water platform.

Mars Field Facts

  • Mars Field discovered in 1989 and began producing in 1996.
  • Located approximately 130 miles south of New Orleans.
  • 3000 feet water depth.
  • To date has produced over 700 million barrels (the equivalent of about 13 billion gallons of gasoline that at an average of 20 mpg could fuel a vehicle to travel over 10 million times round the equator!), with significant resource base remaining to be developed.
  • Mars B extends Mars Field life to at least 2050.

Project Specific Facts

  • First Gulf of Mexico deepwater project of its kind to significantly expand an existing oil field operation. In doing so, the development maximizes the recovery of a true deepwater giant and ensures the Mars field will continue to contribute to US energy supply for future decades.
  • Olympus TLP will also provide process infrastructure for two recent deep water discoveries, West Boreas and South Deimos.
  • Reservoirs located at depth of 10,000 feet to 22,000 feet (approximately 2 to 4 miles below sea level).
  • Development located in approximately 3,100 feet water depth.
  • 192 people will live and work on Olympus TLP.
  • Production capacity is approximately 100,000 boe/d.
  • Mars B impacted over 25,000 employees in 37 US states during the construction phase.
  • Expected first production in 2014.
  • Olympus is the seventh and largest floating platform for Shell in the Gulf of Mexico.


Olympus TL P is more than twice as ‘big’ as Mars TL P

  • Olympus weighs over 120,000 tons, which is heavier than 300 Boeing 747 Jumbo Jets.
  • From base of Hull to Top of Derrick, Olympus is 406 feet tall (approximately 1.5* Height of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana @ 253 feet).
  • Olympus combined deck area = 342,000 feet2 (greater than total floor area of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana @ 269,000 feet2).
  • Olympus column spacing = 250 feet (center/center) – similar footprint to One Shell Square in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Mars B Fact Sheet
Weight (displacement in water) 126,000 tons 98,000 tons 55,000 tons
Deck Area 342,000 sqft 305,000 sqft 215,000 sqft
Column Spacing (center/center) 250 ft 240 ft 220 ft

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