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Thank you to our extended family

From Barry Klein, Site GM

USW represented employees at our site were given notice to begin a strike at 12:01 a.m. February 1, 2015.  At the national level, Shell was unable to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement with USW prior to contract expiration. 

The Deer Park strike is not a result of the local issues but rather ongoing negotiations at the national level. Our local relationship is strong and we will continue efforts to foster the goodwill and cooperation at our site to operate safely. 

We remain committed to resolving our differences with USW at the bargaining table and hope to resume negotiations as early as possible to get our employees back to work.

Shell Deer Park is a 1,500-acre complex located in Deer Park, Texas, approximately 20 miles east of downtown Houston along the Houston Ship Channel. Founded in 1929, Shell Deer Park is now home to 1,700 employees who operate a fully integrated refinery and petrochemical facility 24 hours a day.