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As we work to help meet the world’s growing energy needs, we aim to bring benefits to local communities and strive to reduce the impact of our operations. Respect for the environment is integral to how we conduct our business. And safety is a core value. Our goal is to have zero fatalities and no incidents that cause harm to our workforce and neighbours or put our facilities at risk.

Sustainable Development and Social Performance

Shell workers helping in the community

Shell places sustainable development at the core of business decisions. For us, it means helping to meet the world’s growing energy needs in economically, environmentally and socially responsible ways. In short, we are helping to secure a responsible energy future.

To deliver sustainable results, we ensure that the risks and opportunities associated with our projects and operations in areas such as health, safety, security, environment, social performance, and permitting are understood and integrated into our decision-making.

We are also focused on Social Performance, which is how we manage the impacts of our business on the communities and societies in which we operate. This includes:

  • Listening to and engaging with local stakeholders
  • Investing in local communities
  • Striving to deliver benefits such as jobs and social investment
  • Taking an active interest in broader societal issues directly or indirectly related to our business

Jobs and Economy

If a petrochemical project of this scale goes forward, it would bring benefits to the community. There would be employment opportunities in the construction phase and thereafter when the plant is operational, ultimately providing hundreds of full-time jobs. Job creation would also take place in associated industries and services, such as transport and logistics.

In addition, our proposed petrochemical complex would provide an outlet for ethane from regional upstream natural gas and ethane producers, who could then grow and consequently provide more jobs to local workers.

Being part of the communities in which we work, we hire and buy services and products locally wherever possible.

Workforce development

Our workforce development group helps address critical needs for engineering, geoscientist, operator, and skilled crafts disciplines for business operations and growth. We promote workforce development by building the pipeline to provide access to diverse talent with a strategic focus on four tracks:

  • youth strategy;
  • operators/crafts/technicians;
  • geosciences/engineering;
  • partnership development.

We look to strengthen and encourage Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), attract talent to energy sector/technical careers, and build support for success to retain students in these career paths.

We regularly look for operators and skilled craft workers to staff our refineries, petrochemical plants and our onshore and offshore exploration and production operations. We pursue opportunities to train and hire staff locally.

Doing business with Shell

Shell works with businesses big and small. It is our policy to engage in efforts that provide for small business inclusion through our US Supplier Diversity Program, as specified in federal policy statements, regulations and Department of Defense directives. For three decades, we have sought supply sources around the world represented by minority and women owners. This applies to every type of company with which we work.