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Shell Alaska Sponsors Mayor's Education Summit

Laurie Becwar, Shell Alaska's HR Account Manager, participated in the Mayor’s Education Summit in Anchorage.
Shell Alaska Sponsors Mayor's Education Summit

For two days, 100 civic leaders explored significant education innovations from around the world, challenged ideas and reviewed successful reforms in other jurisdictions. The leaders developed a set of scenarios on possible directions for education reform in Anchorage that will be tested with the public in early 2012.

For a portion of the Summit, participants were divided into teams to address specific issues. Becwar says she moderated a discussion on success factors, as gleaned from a panel of experts, and she said she particularly enjoyed facilitating a team session on foundational values that was recommended to the larger group, where her awareness of diversity and experience in Change Management was a benefit to the team.

"I was honored to be invited to participate with such a diverse and empowered group of leaders from education, government, business, labor, service organizations, advocacy groups and others. I look forward to continuing as a delegate at the next two meetings," said Becwar.

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