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Shell Alaska News and Events

Shell and Habitat for Humanity, Anchorage, Alaska

Jon Edmondson, Shell Alaska

Dark, rainy skies opened to beautiful rays of sunshine last Friday morning as nearly a dozen Shell Alaska employees volunteered to help build a home in Habitat for Humanity’s Oklahoma Commons job site in East Anchorage.

Habitat is a great organization – it’s a helping hand...

Jon Edmondson, Shell Alaska
Alaska and Habitat for Humanity

Shell has been an active sponsor of Habitat for Humanity in Anchorage (HfHA) for the last several years, contributing both at a corporate level as a member of the Energy Partnership, a consortium of energy industry partners that contribute to Habitat’s mission in Alaska, as well as providing hundreds of volunteer hours.  

"Habitat is a great organization – it’s a helping hand, not a hand-out," said Jon Edmondson, Shell Alaska’s representative on the HfHA Energy Partnership.

A group of 9 Shell volunteers were onsite Friday, the second such work-day this year.  Edmondson says a group of Shell volunteers also worked at the HfH build site at Oklahoma Commons in May.  “As Shell folks, sometimes we don’t realize how difficult it is for many families out there right now, and personally it’s been a real blessing to be able to spend a day out of the office, just helping where we can on the construction effort.”  

Habitat is dedicated to helping families get into affordable homes and plans to build 7 homes at the site in Mountain View.  Eden Manalo is looking forward to moving in this spring, but first she must complete 500 hours of sweat equity.

"My kids always complain that our apartment is too small, it’s a studio so we are very excited,” said Manalo.

Harry Ricker, the Construction Manager at Habitat, says working with the Energy Partnership is one of the great pleasures of his job. "Everyone who comes out wants to make the world around them a better place,” said Ricker. “It’s uplifting and inspiring.”

For Eden Manalo and her 2 children it means even more, it means a place to finally call home. “It’s great, we are so excited!”

Since 2001, dozens of Anchorage families have moved into homes constructed by HfHA.