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Shell and the United Way Day of Caring

Several members of Shell’s staff in the Anchorage office spent Wednesday September 14th giving back to the community during United Way’s Day of Caring.

This space is so important in their lives.

Shell was assigned to help clean and re-organize the art room at the ARC of Anchorage.  The ARC provides recreational activities and life skills training for people who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“It was a great help,” said David McQueen the team leader at the recreation center.

“Art is so important in our client’s lives.  For a lot of them it helps focus their day.”

Shell staff cleaned the area as well, scrubbing counter tops and cleaning out cabinets. McQueen says on average seventy-five clients take classes each day leaving little time to clean and organize all the supplies, let alone manage the storage closet.

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