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Approval to Begin Initial Drilling Offshore

The Department of Interior has approved preparatory operations in non-oil-bearing zones in the Chukchi Sea

The Administration’s decision to approve initial drilling into non-oil-bearing zones in the Chukchi Sea reflects the national importance of exploring the energy resource offshore Alaska.  Once the Noble Discoverer drill ship reaches its drill location, it will connect with anchors that have been pre-staged in the Chukchi Sea and work will commence.

Shell has dedicated more than six years to gain the confidence and trust of regulators and to earn to the right to begin this historic operation.  We appreciate the effort the Department of Interior has made to understand, scrutinize, and support this project of national significance. In the weeks ahead we look forward to operating safely and responsibly, putting Americans to work and finding out even more about the oil and gas reserves that are believed to lie under Alaska’s Chukchi Sea.