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Partnering with the Communities

Partnering with the Communities

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One of our primary goals is to bring economic expansion and new opportunities to Alaskans across the north and northwest.

As we have found in operations worldwide, communicating and working with people as partners and supporting their pursuit of what matters most to them is the most welcome and valuable role Shell can take.

We are partnering with the communities across Alaska by investing in education, workforce development, and environmental protection. In addition, we routinely engage with a wide range of stakeholders across the state to listen, understand and address their concerns.

We continue to hold community education and briefing forums as well as one-on-one meetings with stakeholders to keep them up to date on our progress and plans. This also allows us to gather historical information from stakeholders who have lived for thousands of years in Alaska’s unique climate.

Community Resolutions

The North Slope Borough and Northwest Arctic Borough each passed a resolution "establishing a proactive policy opposing oil and gas exploration and development off the coast of the Northwest Arctic Borough and the North Slope Borough and supporting actions to assure responsible development." 

Shell has measured our current programs against the resolutions and continues to evaluate our activities to address concerns reflected in them.

Social Investment

Shell is committed to being a good neighbor in the locations where it operates. Primarily, this means working openly and with the involvement of local and international stakeholders, minimizing the social and environmental impacts of our activities, and delivering benefits for local people.

One way in which we deliver benefits is through social investment - voluntary contributions to local social and environmental programs.  Our policy is to make contributions, within an approved budget, to selected organizations and groups for projects that enhance the quality of life in the Alaska communities in which we operate.

Projects must reinforce Shell’s commitment to the areas of education, health, training, environment and local community development.