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Shell Features and Highlights

Mars B | As Much Heart As Steel

The Mars B deep-water project dedicated $5 million to numerous social and environmental initiatives with the aim to benefit the communities of the US Gulf Coast, as well as in South Korea, where the hull of the Olympus platform was built.

Production has started from Shell's Mars B deep-water development through Olympus -- Shell's seventh, and largest, floating deep-water platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

Mars B is the first deep-water project in the Gulf to expand an existing oil and gas field with significant new infrastructure, which should extend the life of the greater Mars basin to 2050 or beyond. Combined future production from Olympus and the original Mars platform is expected to deliver an estimated resource base of 1 billion barrels of oil equivalent (boe).


Deep Water in the Gulf of Mexico

Innovation, talent, technology, mega-project management and social investment are all integrated in Shell’s delivery of a new wave of deep-water projects in the Gulf of Mexico.