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Graduates working together during a Shell Recruitment Day

Attending a Shell Recruitment Day is the final step of the assessment process, taking you closer to a place on the Shell Graduate Program.

You will attend an afternoon of non-assessed, interactive activities where you’ll be given further insight into Shell’s global businesses.

The next day features a series of assessed individual and group exercises. It is designed to give you a realistic preview of the activities, in which Shell is involved, and the range and nature of issues facing our business.

The day includes an online and written exercise, a group discussion, a self-reflection interview, a case study that includes a presentation, and a final interview.

What we are looking for

We will be observing your capacity for analysis, decision-making and creating workable solutions.

Other qualities we’re looking for are drive and enthusiasm, resilience and confidence. Equally important is your ability to develop positive relationships and communicate well at all levels.

Based upon the talents, skills and knowledge you display, you could be offered a place on our Graduate Program.

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