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Young professionals discuss their career at Shell

Shell Incentive Fund or Technical Undergraduate Scholarship Renewal

To apply for renewal of the scholarship, the student must continue to meet the following qualifications:

Renewal of the scholarship is contingent upon the student remaining qualified and accepting a Shell Oil Company internship or full time opportunity, if offered, prior to December 1, 2015. If an applicant has an unsuccessful assessment or interview, they will not be eligible to receive a scholarship or have the scholarship renewed the following academic year.

  • Be lawfully authorized to work on a full-time basis in the United States without any form of sponsorship. 
  • Be enrolled full-time as a junior, senior or fifth-year undergraduate as of the Fall 2015 semester. If you are not a full-time student (i.e. taking on a co-op opportunity), you should complete the renewal process, but be advised that you will not be eligible to receive scholarship funds while enrolled at less than full-time status.
  • You must be enrolled in one of the specified institutions. Transfers between Shell-approved institutions are permitted.
  • Have a minimum 3.20 cumulative GPA (will not be rounded) on 4.0 scale, which must be maintained throughout your participation in the program.
  • Major in one of the following disciplines: geology, geophysics or physics; chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, petroleum, geological, or geophysical engineering.
  • Pass all components of the Shell application & assessment process including completion of either a face-to-face or telephone interview. (applies to sophomore, junior, senior or fifth year applicants)

Recipients are reminded that they are only eligible to receive one scholarship award from the Shell Oil Company & its partners and subsidiaries at any given time.

ISTS will reach out to renewal-eligible scholarship recipients with additional information regarding the renewal process.

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