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Smiling graduate with colleagues at the back

We asked Shell employees on our Graduate Program working in different roles around our organization to talk about their expectations and experiences. Listen to what they have to say.

Watch the videos

Working in Alberta Oil Sands - opens in new window

See how Teresa Storch, Engineer-in-Training, works with different disciplines in the technical assurance group at Shell's oil sands mining site in Fort McMurray.

Working Offshore - opens in new window

Learn how Michelle, Facilities Engineer, makes an impact in today's society by gaining hands-on experience at an offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

Working at a Refinery - opens in new window

Learn how Chris Justin, Process Engineer, applies his problem-solving and practical engineering skills in day-to-day operations at Shell's refinery in Norco, Louisiana.

Drilling Engineer at Shell - opens in new window

Watch Ana interact with colleagues and mentors and see what it's really like to as a drilling engineer at Shell.