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Step 4: Which Route? Internship or Shell Recruitment Day

Internship (Bachelors/Masters/PhD degree)

After successfully completing the interview, you may be eligible to join us for an internship. Our internships are paid and are a fully assessed route into Shell based on the following criteria: Capacity, Achievement and Relationship.
A Shell internship gives you the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of what it’s like to work at a global company. You’ll be working alongside some of our brightest people on real projects that match your interests and abilities.

Throughout your internship, you’ll be supported by a mentor and a supervisor who will give you regular and structured performance evaluations.

Before the end of the internship you’ll have a formal mid-term internship review with your mentor and supervisor. Prior to the final review you’ll be asked to complete an online exercise and written task.  You’ll also be asked to prepare a final presentation about your project.

Shell Recruitment Day (Full Time Careers)

If you’re successful at your interview, you may be considered for an invitation to a Shell Recruitment Day.

Prior to the Shell Recruitment Day you’ll attend an informal non-assessed interactive engagement where you’ll be given further insight into Shell’s business operations.

The Shell Recruitment Day is a final face-to-face assessment day where we explore how well you’re able to manage various business scenarios. We assess your capacity to analyse critical issues and identify the wider implications. We also observe how you work with other people, how well you deal with change and to what extent you drive your own learning. You participate in various activities including a written task, group discussion, a case study analysis and presentation, with a final interview.


Once you have completed your Internship or a Shell Recruitment Day, we’ll be in touch to let you know the final outcome.