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Whether you’re studying for a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD degree – or if you’ve recently graduated and have less than three years of work experience – this is your chance to help power people’s lives while pursuing your passion and fulfilling your potential.

How do I apply?

Unlike Professional opportunities where candidates apply for a specific job vacancy, Students and Graduates are continually recruited for both full-time careers and internships.


Learn more about scholarship opportunities for college and high school students.

Career growth and benefits

We offer a tailored graduate development program to help you cultivate your personal strengths. Even the way we reward you is adapted to suit your priorities and lifestyle.

Is Shell right for me?

We’ve identified certain criteria that indicate whether you’ll thrive in a career with Shell. Find out what qualities we look for in candidates and to see what roles at Shell are good matches for your degree.


See all the dates for forthcoming Shell seminars, expos and courses.