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How do I apply to join Shell?

For Professional opportunities, apply directly to a specific vacancy found using our Job Search Engine. The relevant method of application will be outlined in the detailed job description. Unlike Professional opportunities, Students and Graduates are continually recruited for both full-time careers and internships.

I can’t find a suitable job on your website, can I still apply?

We no longer accept speculative applications, CVs or resumés via email. For Professional roles, you can only apply to a specific vacancy found through our Job Search Engine. If you sign up for our Search Agent service, we’ll email you with notifications of new vacancies matching your preferred criteria as and when they arise. For Student and Graduate opportunities, applications are accepted year-round.

If I submit an application or register my details, will Shell keep me on file?

We store all candidate details on a central database where they are kept for three years, unless we receive a written request by an individual to delete their personal record. These records enable us to search against candidate profiles with specific skill sets, should we identify specific recruitment needs in the future.

Do I need a degree to work at Shell?

For Professionals, it will depend on the level and nature of the role in which you’re interested. If a degree is a requirement, it will usually be stated in the job description. However, a candidate who does not hold a degree may still be considered for one of our professional vacancies if they can demonstrate substantial relevant experience. For Student and Graduate opportunities, a 4-year degree is required (in the US, Canada and Brazil).

How long after applying can I expect to wait before hearing anything?

You will receive an acknowledgement of our receipt of your details within 48 hours. You should then within the following two weeks receive correspondence regarding a decision.

What do you mean by ‘Professional’?

Our professional opportunities are for people with varying skill-sets, experience and expertise. This encompasses all levels of seniority. Candidates usually have 5 or more years of professional work experience.

Do I need to have experience of working in the energy industry to join Shell?

It depends on the position you’re interested in. Many technical roles require you to have spent time in a similar job and environment, while others require less specific experience. Most of our commercial opportunities are based on generic business skill-sets and thus do not require experience of the energy industry.

If I have to work on location, will my family be able to come with me?

For long-term international postings, our expatriation information centre ‘Outpost’ provides online and offline support in many locations around the world. This assistance includes foreign language schooling, help for partners in finding local employment and a range of other services.

If a Shell employee refers me for a specific vacancy, how do I apply?

Certain positions posted externally are eligible for a referral bonus which may be paid to the referring employee if you are hired and remain in the position for a minimum time period (subject to terms and conditions stated in our internal communications).  To ensure your friend may be eligible for the referral bonus, your friend may search for the position on our Employee Referral Program intranet site and forward you an email with an application link; you may then apply using the link in this email.  

FAQs Relevant to Graduates -----------------------

Do you sponsor the studies of individual students?

Pending visa availability and qualification, Shell will sponsor foreign nationals for non-immigrant visas and parent them in the US only if they are in a critical skill pool area (typically PhD level) designated by Shell.

I need a work permit; should I arrange one before I apply?

You can apply to us without having a work permit. If your application is successful and you need a work permit for the country in which you are placed, then we’ll help you apply for one. We cannot guarantee, however, that you will obtain this work permit.

What sorts of Graduate jobs are available?

We offer an amazing range of jobs in many different Technical and Commercial fields. Each year we examine our business requirements to find opportunities where graduates will be able to experience real responsibilities from day one. Exact jobs available, therefore, vary from year to year and depend on the operations in each country.

What minimum qualifications do I need to apply for a Graduate role?

For Technical roles, you will need an engineering or science related degree. For Commercial opportunities we welcome applications from all disciplines. While your academic results are important to us, so is your performance throughout our recruitment process.

Will I work outside my home country in a Graduate role?

In most cases, your first assignment will be in your home country. However, because we are a global company, the job you are matched with may mean relocating abroad or working virtually on a global team. In Europe, for example, your application will be considered both for opportunities in the country you are studying/living in and across the region. You are welcome to note your personal preferences for location on your application.

I have applied before for a Graduate role; can I re-apply?

Yes, you can re-apply if you have been unsuccessful. However, if you do wish to re-apply, we advise that you should leave:

  1. At least 12 months from the date of the final outcome of your previous application, if you were successful up to an interview.
  2. Three years from the date of the final outcome of your previous application, if you were invited to a Shell Recruitment Day.

We advise this to enable you to have a better chance of being successful the second time round. The additional time will allow you to demonstrate that you have developed yourself further and have gained additional experience and/or qualifications.

Can I defer my start date for a Graduate role?

Yes, it's possible to defer starting dates for graduate roles. How long your job offer will be valid with us depends on your plans and the requirements of our business.

I have already graduated and have some work experience; am I eligible to apply for a Graduate role?

Yes. You may be surprised to find that you wouldn't be the only graduate in Shell who joins us with previous work experience. However, generally you are considered a graduate if you have recently graduated and have less than 3 years of work experience. In terms of process, you will still need to apply in the same way as any other graduate.

When is the application deadline for Graduates?

Unless you wish to work in Brazil, Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific Islands, you can apply at any time of the year. But don't delay – the sooner we receive your application, the better the chance that we can match you with the ideal job for your abilities.

How much notice will you give me if I’m invited to a Shell Recruitment Day?

Generally about seven days.

How should I dress for my interview and Shell Recruitment Day?

We normally recommend that you dress in business attire, although not to the point where you’re uncomfortable.

What kind of tests would I have to pass before a Graduate job offer is made final?

Generally speaking, you would have to achieve the expected result in your degree qualification (if you have not already graduated) and, where required, received a valid work permit for the location you have been hired for (if you do not presently have a legal right to work there already).

English is not my first language; will this be taken into account during the Shell Recruitment Day?

While fluency in English is necessary to participate in an SRD, your ability in English is not a selection criterion. If you’re not a native English speaker, you will be given additional time to prepare where appropriate, and you are welcome to bring a dictionary. In locations where the SRD is conducted in a language other than English, a level of fluency in that language is required.