Oil Spill Prevention

The Arctic has a unique environment and is home to indigenous people who depend on the land and sea for their livelihoods. We have 50 years’ experience of operating safely and responsibly in the Arctic. The goal of zero spills is one of our highest priorities – along with the safety of personnel and an intensive effort to recognize the concerns of the people who live near and depend upon the resources in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas.

Oil Spill Response

Shell has tested its oil spill response plan against multiple conditions. That’s why we created a 24/7 onsite oil spill response capability on the North Slope with a fleet of specialized vessels, barges, booms, helicopter and other equipment to be on-location during drilling. We have also invested hundreds of millions of dollars in equipment, staff and training.

In addition to the creation of the oil spill response capacity, we have shared numerous plans for dealing with oil in ice and have practiced specialized techniques for capturing, containing and dealing with it in the unlikely event of a spill.

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