Our HSE Pledge

Puget Sound Refinery’s Commitment to Health, Safety, and Environment

Located on on  the shore of Northern Puget Sound and at the gateway to the spectacular San Juan Islands,  Shell Puget Sound Refinery overlooks some of the most spectacular scenery in Washington State. For more than a half-century, we’ve strived to be a good corporate citizen and an integral part of the Skagit County community, working continually to improve our HSE performance as we seek to earn the confidence of our customers, owners and society at large.

Our employees at all levels have taken to heart Shell’s commitment to meet the world’s growing energy needs in economically, environmentally and socially responsibly ways, and evidence can be seen in what we value and do every day.

We have formalized that commitment into policies that call for --

  • Pursuing the goal of no harm to people
  • Protecting the environment
  • Using material and energy efficiently in the manufacture of our products
  • Reporting on our performance to our employees and, as part of the Shell Group, to the public
  • Managing HSE matters as any other critical business activity
  • Promoting a culture in which all Shell employees and contractor companies that work at the refinery share this commitment.

We take a systematic approach to HSE management designed to comply with applicable laws and to achieve continuous improvement in our HSE performance. We set targets for improvement, and we measure, appraise and report our performance. In addition, we include HSE performance in the appraisal and recognition of our employees.

We take environmental stewardship very seriously. Here are just a few examples.

At Shell Puget Sound Refinery, our commitment to the environment is more than words on paper. We continually take steps to improve our environmental performance, and our efforts have received recognition from a variety of organizations and governmental entities.

  • The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency honored the refinery with its Clean Air Partner Award for fighting summer smog.
  • Shell Puget Sound Refinery was nominated for the Governor’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in Pollution Prevention.
  • The Puget Sound Refinery won the Shell CEO's Environmental Excellence Award three years in a row.
  • The National Petrochemical and Refiners Association recognized the refinery with multiple prestigious awards, including its Gold Award for outstanding safety performance.
  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency bestowed its Clean Air Excellence Award on the refinery for its efforts to help reduce tailpipe emissions and evaporative emissions from gasoline.
  • The refinery was honored with the Association of Washington Business Environmental Excellence Award for the $11 million upgrade to our wastewater treatment system, and we’re committed to making even more improvements.
  • The Shell Puget Sound Refinery has been certified to the ISO 14001 international standard for an effective environmental management standard by a qualified third-party certifying firm, placing us in the top tier of industrial facilities around the world in environmental management practices.  This certification results from an objective appraisal and is an important recognition of the quality of our practices aimed at minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment.
  • We’ve invested almost $75 million to boost our sulfur recovery capability by 75 percent and have taken steps to reduce emissions from our combustion equipment. These upgrades have dramatically reduced emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. 

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