Social Investment Activities

Apple Street Legislation 

In 2012, the Norco site took leadership in an effort to prohibit hazardous material deliveries through Apple Street, a highly populated residential street leading from a major highway to the River Road and industries along the Mississippi River. The street is now off limits to delivery trucks transporting hazardous materials - unless they are deliveries to a business on Apple Street – according to Louisiana law. Site representatives worked with elected state officials and community leaders, to encourage the passage of the law. The effort, initially spearheaded by the Norco Civic Association, had been caught in a no-progress situation for more than eight years. The lack of progress was attributed to a low-lying overhead pipeline on River Road, which prevented truck drivers from taking an alternative route to Apple Street and the need for an organized coordinated plan. In response to concerns voiced at the Norco CAP and by the Norco Civic Association (NCA), Norco and its neighbor industry, Valero, worked in collaboration to invest $500,000 each to raise the pipeline and open an alternative route. Norco’s Communications manager stepped up to coordinate an effort among elected officials, community members and associations, local businesses and other groups to address the issue in preparation for legislative enactment of a law. When the law was passed, Norco Communications staff prepared news releases, a detailed article in the community newsletter and worked with the Contracting and Procurement department to inform area residents and vendors. Reminders have been posted along the street and information sheets are located at all delivery entries to the site.

Cross Bayou Pump Station Donation

In 2011, Shell and Motiva contributed $5 million towards the $19 million Cross Bayou Pump Station. The pump station pump station pumps 1,300 cubic feet per second or 580 gallons per minutes out of a 12,000 acre drainage basin surrounding St. Rose and Destrehan located on the east bank of St. Charles parish. This will reduce the risk of flooding from heavy rains and hurricanes. (In 2001, Shell and Motiva also assisted in contributing $5 million towards the Bayou Trepagnier pump station which helps to protect the town of Norco from severe flooding.)

Norco Community Health Center

In 2008 Shell Chemical donated land on River Road in Norco to the St. Charles Community Health Center for the construction of a state-of-the-art medical center. The Health Center will invest over $3 million of mostly State and Federal grant funds to construct the medical center which will provide high quality health care to the Norco community and surrounding areas. This project will also support economic growth in Norco and St. Charles Parish by generating dollars into the parish economy during construction, by creating over 40 new permanent jobs once the facility is open, and through expenditures to purchase supplies and services for operations. The projected annual operating budget for the new facility will be approximately $3 million. The Health Center was completed in July 2012 and is currently operational.

The Norco medical center will provide general health care to adults and pediatric patients and will house an Adult Day Health Care program for the elderly/disabled. The Health Center has future plans for additional services to include behavioral health care, dental health care and medical services support to local industries for employee physicals and job-related employee emergency care. Once fully operational, the Norco medical center will have 4 to 6 physicians and nurse practitioners on staff. This will bring much needed access to doctors and other healthcare providers in the Norco area where there are currently no medical practitioners.

The mission of St. Charles Community Health Center is to provide accessible, high quality health care through collaborative community efforts, to promote prevention and coordinated treatment, and to improve the health care status of the community with emphasis on the underserved and vulnerable populations. Our donation of land and support for the development of the Norco medical center is consistent with our social performance vision of contributing to economic development and addressing the health needs of the Norco community. This project also supports the Norco Community Economic Development Foundation’s Quality of Life - Health/Human Services priority. In the 2007 community survey, the Norco community identified the need for a “health clinic” as a top priority.

River Parishes Community Development Corporation

In 2006 the Norco Community Economic Development Foundation provided seed money for the creation of the River Parishes Community Development Corporation. The CDC was formed as the business development arm of the Norco Economic Development Foundation. The CDC’s first project was the creation of the Norco food technology incubator, Edible Enterprises, to assist displaced businesses as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

Norco Community Economic Development Foundation

In 2003, Shell and Motiva contributed $5 million towards the creation of a stakeholder driven economic development foundation for Norco/St. Charles Parish. The effort focuses on business development, job creation, workforce skills training and quality of life. Since its inception, more than $1.5 million has been invested in business retention, job creation and workforce skills training. The Foundation has also provided seed money for the development of a Community Development Corporation.

Norco Community Fund

In 2001, Shell and Motiva endowed $1 million towards a stakeholder driven community grants program. Each year a community advisory committee solicits grants from local organizations and decides which Norco projects will be funded based on the Fund’s guidelines. Since its inception, more than $465,000 in grants has been distributed to nonprofit organizations serving the Norco community.

Partners In Education (PIE)

The Partners In Education program began in St. Charles Parish in 1987. The program’s objectives are to: increase self-esteem among students/teachers; have a better understanding of the education system; assist the school system in preparing students for the workplace; have a better understanding of the needs of business/industry; provide enrichment for students and improve student understanding of the value of education as it relates to becoming productive citizens. The Norco site is in partnership with six St. Charles Parish Public Schools – Norco Primary School; Norco Elementary School; New Sarpy Kindergarten, Destrehan High School, Mimosa Park Elementary School and the St. Charles Satellite Center. The Norco Site is also in partnership with the Louisiana Technical College – Reserve Campus providing PTEC scholarships and volunteers to serve on the various LTC committees.

River Parishes Education Foundation (formerly R.P. Education Initiatives) 

Established by Shell Norco in 1990, RPEI is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 coalition made up educators, government, business/industry and other interested partners representing St. Charles, St. James and St. John parishes. The goals are to enhance the quality of education; increase the number of skilled workers for the future; increase community awareness by addressing education issues, and encourage parents to become involved in their children’s education. Since its inception the group has worked to define/address specific problems facing the school systems, educate business/industry about the school system; provide successful learning tips/suggestions for parent-teacher communication, produce materials to promote parent/community involvement, hosted school-to-career conferences and workshops; and provide annual teacher grants. The organization has moved forward in becoming a foundation to provide scholarships and grants.


Philanthropic donations provide for the flexibility of discretionary funding for opportunities addressing pressing community needs. Unlike other petrochemical industries in the Baton Rouge/New Orleans corridor, the Norco community is a company town and fenceline community. These monetary donations aid in building and maintaining sustainable stakeholder/industry relationships.

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