It is this time of the year that more of them are seen outdoors.  What better way to welcome spring than at the John Muir Birthday Earth Day Celebration!  This year, on April 21, the annual event was again held at the John Muir National Historic Site.  A record crowd of over 2500 attended the event, which celebrated Earth Day and the 174th birthday of John Muir, known as the Father of the National Park System.

As in the past, members of the Shell Martinez family (like Val Martin, pictured here) were there to help kids plant flower seeds in recycled bottles and answer any questions attendees had about refinery operations.  When event organizers learned that none of the actors who usually play John Muir were available this year, they tapped another member of Shell’s extended family, retired chemist Igor Skaredoff.  Word at the Park was that he was a perfect choice!

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Shell Martinez refines and markets gasoline and petroleum products under the Shell brand name throughout the west and northern midwest.