In addition to meeting our new General Manager, Paul Gabbard, we had a presentation from Pam Martinez of Shell’s supply organization on how and where the refinery gets its crude.  Merliza Alcala from Shell’s environmental department also presented on the refinery’s international ISO 14001 environmental certification.  Thanks also to our special guest, Katherine Hern, manager of the county’s community warning system, who gave us an update and took questions about the CWS system. 

As always, we deeply appreciate the time, good questions and great feedback we get from our CAP members who are committed to helping us address issues of import to the community.  We also appreciate that those who came tonight were sacrificing watching the NCAA championship game–not quite as bad as the night our meeting conflicted with the Giants winning the World Series.

Much gratitude to our members and presenters for another evening well spent.

- Steve

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Shell Martinez refines and markets gasoline and petroleum products under the Shell brand name throughout the west and northern midwest.