• General Inquiries: 1-925-313-3000
  • 24-Hour Help Line: 1-925-313-3601
  • Environmental Hotline: 1-925-313-3777
  • Employment Hotline: 1-925-313-3552
  • Public Affairs: 1-925-313-3462
  • Alumni Museum: 1-925-313-3598   


  • Public Affairs: 1-925-313-5613 
  • Human Resources: 1-925-313-3839 

Mailing Address

  • Shell Martinez Refinery
  • P.O. Box 711
  • Martinez, California 94553-0071 

Delivery Address

  • Shell Martinez Refinery
  • 3485 Pacheco Boulevard
  • Martinez, California 94553

More in About Us

Puget Sound Refinery

Located on March Point near Anacortes, Wash., the refinery is situated just a few miles from the site where Shell built a terminal in 1911.

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Safety is always our top priority. We aim to have zero fatalities and no incidents that harm people, or put our neighbours or facilities at risk.

Meeting Today's Demand

We explore for and extract crude oil and natural gas, often in joint ventures with international and national oil companies