Shell Deer Park Refinery

The sixth largest refinery in the United States.

Shell Deer Park Site is a fully integrated refinery and petrochemical facility operated 24 hours a day by our foundation for success, our people – the approximately 1500 employees and 1200 contractors that work at our site daily.

In February 1993, Shell Oil Company and PMI Norteamerica, S.A. de C.V., a subsidiary of Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex), formed a 50-50 joint venture--Deer Park Refining Limited Partnership (DPRLP)--and in March 2001 completed a $1 billion capital upgrade. The project improved DPRLP’s global competitiveness, operating efficiency and long-term economic viability while significantly reducing air emissions.

The assets of the refinery are managed and operated by Shell Oil Company through Shell Deer Park Refining Company, a division of Shell Oil Products Company, a Shell Oil subsidiary.

Today, Shell Deer Park is home to the sixth largest refinery in the United States with a crude oil capacity of 340,000 barrels a day (42 gallons per barrel).

Shell Deer Park Fact Sheet

Our Purpose

Shell Deer Park at night

We power progress for our customers by making products that better their lives. We leverage advantage feed-stocks and technology to bring competitive, low-cost, quality products to the market. Our fuels provide our customers with the freedom of mobility, transport goods they depend upon everyday and power our military to defend our freedoms. Our chemicals are the necessary building blocks for everything from homes and vehicles to household cleaning products and food wrappers.

Our Workers

We power progress for our workers, enabling them to achieve their fullest potential. We believe in our workers and know they are the difference to our success. Our diverse, motivated and dedicated team delivers excellence and meets commitments to bring value for our customers. We strive to be an employer of choice with rewarding careers and development opportunities.

Our Community

We power progress for our community, reaching out to be a welcome and active neighbor. We know we are a big part of our local community, and we take our responsibilities to our neighbors seriously. We operate our facilities to minimize our environmental impact – “nothing to see, hear or smell”. We are a force for good; creating jobs and economic development and returning our talents, time and resources in service to our community.

Our Shareholders

We power progress for our shareholders, delivering exceptional operating results, returning value and creating opportunities for business growth. We know that as we power progress for our Customers, Workers and Community, we will enjoy the success that rewards our shareholders.

Let’s Go!

Our Vision

Two man at Shell Deer Park Manufacturing Site

Our Flagship Vision

At Shell Deer Park Manufacturing Site, we are on a journey to be the “Flagship” manufacturing site, delivering both pacesetter results in the industry as well as a thriving culture built on developing our foundation for our success – our people.

As such, we believe we are one site, one team, supporting each other to achieve excellence in all we do.

Our site is committed to making Shell Deer Park a great place to work, where people are valued and proud to be here. We strive to create an environment of success, which fosters teamwork and continuous improvement. We are committed to operational excellence and delivery for our customers and our community.

Our Culture

Shell volunteers together

At Shell Deer Park we believe in…

Caring - At Deer Park, we believe in a caring, family-oriented culture. We believe relationships matter and we demonstrate this by:

  • Respecting and appreciating everyone that comes to Shell Deer Park
  • Accepting each other’s differences and recognizing each other’s contributions
  • Getting to know each other on a personal level, and as a result,
  • Feeling concern for and understanding another’s situation and feelings and supporting their needs

Teamwork - At Deer Park, we believe in teamwork; there is no “they” it is only “us.” We are all a team, working together to achieve our common purpose. We demonstrate this by:

  • Doing our part to our very best every day and encouraging others to do the same
  • Putting the needs of the team and others before our own
  • Exposing performance gaps and striving for always doing better
  • Stepping up, stepping in and seeking help when needed

Fun - At Deer Park, we believe in fun. We believe everyone matters and people should enjoy coming to work. We demonstrate this by:

  • Investing in relationships
  • Finding purpose and value in the work we do
  • Providing opportunities for personal and professional growth and creativity
  • Laughing at ourselves and with each other, finding humor within our daily activities

Ownership - At Deer Park, we believe in personal ownership, we each have a stake in My Deer Park. We demonstrate this by:

  • Taking pride in the quality of our work
  • Empowering decision-making and action consistent with our purpose, direction and values
  • Living a 100% accountable and 0 excuses mindset, being personally accountable for our actions and conduct
  • Holding each other accountable for doing our part

Winning - At Deer Park, we believe in winning. We demonstrate this by:

  • Setting bold targets; making plans and following through to achieve them
  • Being flexibility and adaptability to changing conditions; creating opportunities
  • to beat the competition
  • Not accepting boundaries and failure – Failure is not an option
  • Bringing passion and enthusiasm to what we do


Barry Klein general manager of the Shell Deer Park Manufacturing Site

At Shell Deer Park, we believe our people are the foundation for our success. We are committed to fostering the development of all employees at our site through active and engaging leaders. In 2013, all managers at site began a leadership journey that focuses on connecting to self, connecting to teams, performance and improvement in the ultimate pursuit of creating a culture of engagement, commitment, delivery and continuous improvement.

At the helm of the site’s journey is Barry Klein, General Manager of Shell Deer Park Site.

About Barry

Barry Klein became general manager of the Shell Deer Park Manufacturing Site in January 2013. In his 30 years at Shell, his experience encompasses many facets of the refining, chemicals, and manufacturing businesses. Since joining Shell Deer Park, he has renewed the site’s flagship vision and has made great strides toward delivering on the vision through his focus on the site’s culture of family, teamwork, ownership, winning, and fun. Klein is passionate about the value the industry brings to our world.

Click here to read an article on Barry Klein in BIC Magazine.

Shell and Safety

Shell workers confer

Safety is always our top priority

We aim to have zero fatalities and no incidents that harm people, or put our neighbors or facilities at risk.

Site Personal and Process Safety

The top priority of Shell Deer Park is to operate in a safe and environmentally sound manner to protect the health and safety of our workers, our contractors and our neighbors. At Shell Deer Park Manufacturing Site, our safety plan for achieving Goal Zero is built on a foundation of engagement, assurance and learning. To achieve continuous improvement in this area, we are committed to site-wide employee engagement on personal and process safety.

Learn more about Process Safety at Shell

Strengthening our Safety Culture

We are working to keep our employees and contractors safe by focusing on compliance and tackling the cultural issues that can lead to unsafe behavior. Our Goal Zero program and supporting company-wide initiatives are helping to strengthen our safety culture.

Read more about strengthening our safety culture

Safety in Shell | Brochures

We have a comprehensive set of business principles and rigorous standards covering health, safety, security, the environment and social performance. Our approach to safety includes ensuring that our facilities are well designed and maintained, and that our operations are safe and reliable. In the event of an incident, we follow strict emergency response procedures.

Access a library of brochures covering principles and standards

More from Shell Deer Park

Environmental Excellence

High levels of maintenance and expansion activities are underway at Shell Deer Park’s refinery and petrochemical plant.

Social Investment & Membership

We have built a strong relationship with the community through decades of collaboration and a commitment to powering progress together.

Giving Back

For more than three-quarters of a century, Shell Deer Park has demonstrated its dedication to the community through our focus on safe, secure, environmentally responsible operations.

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